Enter Brawlhalla!


Rating: 9/10 with Very Positive.

For all you Smash fans, a new game has risen in the PC market being available for both Windows/Mac on Steam comes a whole new game, Brawlhalla.

An upcoming competitive fighter which is available for free over on steam, which is also fun cause you can play up to 8 players online in a crazy brawl, couch ranked matches (play together on one computer!) a very good ranking system (elo, league system).  I been doing a lot of rank 2v2s. only 4 buttons (Throw, Quick Attack, Heavy Attack, and Dodge) alongside movement makes the game easy for casuals. It’s still improving and hoping for new updates to come out. Currently it does the 6 free character rotation (Similar to Heroes and League) where you can earn in-game money to purchase new characters (called Legends in Brawlhalla).


Maybe we’ll add this game to our online circuit alongside Street Fighter V and Brood War. Keeping the eSports scene alive online. This game is very fun especially if you play with friends and family via couch co-op or even online. This game runs pretty well on a HP Stream 11 (Not like 60 FPS well, but playable well) and the game is only a whooping 200 MB. Yeah. Get it.


Stay tune for future updates!



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