Team Sky Nite was first formed in 2003 as Superior Chaos Knights, a Brood War clan that never really made it out. After that, Dj Knite X stumbled upon game creation with engines such as RM2k3 and Konfuze. He started a small “software company” called Sky Nite Organ Games which also never took off.  In 2004, Sky Nite Productions was formed because Dj Knite X was a big fan of Sky High Productions, especially since their release of Volume 1 and wanted to be the next breakbeat DJ who everyone loves. Not too long after that story, Dj Knite X and his brother RikstAR along with fellow tSn members, L-Star and SomeSillyPanda came across Phantasy Star Online for the Gamecube. Dj Knite X first saw the game in an issue of Game Pro where  he saw Version 2 advertised for the Dreamcast. He quickly fell in love with the concept since he was a big fan of Diablo and other online games. Sky Nite was finally formed, where even the old forums was at skynite.forumer.com. Years have gone by and the local players were just hanging out and playing games until Dj Knite X’s introduction to Starcraft 2 as well as meeting new members such as DeathPrelude and Zomabid in 2010. Team Sky Nite was finally formed with that name in 2011. A lot has changed, but the Team is growing strong, even if it’s not known internationally, except that Dj Knite X plays shows/concerts and releases music under “Team Sky Nite”. Team Sky Nite will come off good, eventually. Maybe.

Welcome to Team Sky Nite, we’re not just a gaming team. We’re a family.

Gaming Team
Sky Nite Music




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