Arkansas Gaming Team

This is the Heart and Soul of tSn. tSn was founded and based in NWA, Arkansas with many divisions/sub-teams throughout the Region. (Texas and Oklahoma)

The Arkansas Gaming Team is the main branch of tSn and we run a competitive team alongside it also.

2011 – Founded as eSports Team/First team event/trip (Quakecon 2011)
2012 – 2nd team event/trip (South by So What 2012)
2013 – 3rd team event/trip (MLG Dallas 2013)
2014 – tSn Hearthstone Cup
2015 – tSn Brood War Cup
2016 – Began bi-weekly tSn meetings/re-established eSports team
2017 – TBD

Main Team:

Administrator/President: tSn.DjKniteX
Vice-President: tSn.DjLaoAssassin
Team Adviser: tSn.TheMSGKID



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