New Changes

New changes are coming. Come visit us on our discord server!


Valor Cup C1 is Live!

The first season for the Valor Cup is up where Teams from the NA servers will compete for a spot in the World Cup. We have made a squad with the guild members being
our bench players and grinding to the top. As of this post, we are rank 135 in NA and we’re hoping to push that furthur and break top 10!

The current squad for Valor Cup is led by Visual Dreamer who also serves as the Team’s captain. The season is for a month and we have a long ways to go. We are looking to pursue AoV as our main esports for team.

Majority of the esports team is located in Central USA with the current squad based in Arkansas/Texas

2018 will be our year? Let’s find out!

more info about Valor Cup here:

tSn gets an Arena of Valor team!



With the ressurgenc of tSn.TCG, the team has just got an Arena of Valor team of like minded noobs with aspiring pro gamer dreams to compete in the next week qualifiers for the Valor Series 2018 where they will play for the spot for the World Cup. With players from around the US to compete with tSn, we will probably see the tSn esports team come back to life but for now we are going to focus on the competitive TCG scene in Los Angeles and play Arena of Valor when we can.

Check out the community for more info!


Valor Series 2018:

Cross Worlds and Los Angeles Competitive Scene

We began building decks to prepare for Set 3 (Cross Worlds) but unfournately we don’t have any cards from Set 3 yet. We have built a total of 3 decks, Androids/Cell/Vegeta. I (Dj Knite X) will be running Vegeta and missing a lot of staples.

I met with a local LA player to help build my Vegeta deck and it ran a lot better than it did before. The game is fun but I need to be more aggressive with it.

Building Vegeta for the Set 3 Circuit

The cool thing about the LA scene is that there are DBS TCG tournaments every day. Which is good. Going to start to getting my feet wet in the Tournament world. Unlike Pokemon TCG (As far as I know) There aren’t a lot of places doing daily Pokemon TCG tournaments.


It did okay against a test Set 3 deck but still lost to the Set 3 SSJ3 Goku/Ginyu Deck 0-2.  But after building the Android deck, I went 2-0 against it after playing really aggressively. There’s still a lot more to learn and I’m hoping we can get a nice camera set up so we can record some games as well!

We are going to build a new Standard deck in Pokemon TCG soon maybe before or after the new set drops.

Let’s do this.

Ultra Prism Pulls and Cross Worlds Tournament

Hey, It’s Dj Knite X here. With the help and support of MeiYS we opened an Ultra Prism Elite Trainer Box and got some great pulls. Which you guys can view here!


Unfortunately, we won’t be able to compete in the Costa Mesa Expanded Regionals due to time constraints but we will be competing int he Cross Worlds DB Super TCG event hosted by CoreTCG in Downtown, LA. We are ready to rock out the LA TCG scene and to compete in many tournaments as we can. We will be getting into Magic when Dominaria drops most likely but we will be playing Digital card games such as Hearthstone and Eternal. We are looking for more players to join the team and we hope to put Team Sky Nite on the map with the Los Angeles branch!

New Stuff

I moved to Los Angeles, California to start my Web Developer career and now I’m freelancing and going back into blogging TCG games and hopefully esports.

But for right now, I’m going to be doing a lot of blogging hopefully two posts a week. I will try to upload videos and do gameplay videos as well.

Some events coming up that I will be playing in and hoping to recruit new team members in the LA area.

Going to be competing a lot in both DB Super and Pokemon TCG.

I will be playing the CoreTCG Super Cross Worlds Tournament as well as local Pokemon TCG tournaments.


Stay tuned.



Returning to PSO

Phantasy Star Online was the third online RPG that the team spent most of their childhood on.


Phantasy Star Online. A PC (Originally on Consoles) Online RPG where you fight monsters across many different areas and grind to look for special rare items that will make your character stronger. The players start off in space and travel down to Ragol to investigate a mysterious explosion. Many of you have probably heard about it, many of you have played it, but this game was the game that brought Team Sky Nite together. It was the first game that many of us was able to spend countless Saturday nights on one TV rather than having to wait until we’re all on a computer to play together. Ever since Dj Knite X (Galago in-game) discovered an ad about PSO Ver 2. for Dreamcast in a gaming magazine, he knew that PSO would be the next game. It wasn’t until his 12th Birthday, that he was able to get Episode 1 and 2 for the Gamecube and that’s when it all started.

Sonic Team was one of the few PSO clans (We know it’s the development team) that inspired Team Sky Nite

2004-2011 has been the craziest years for PSO. Many of tSn players played on Schthack for the longest time from PSO PC until the death of one of the biggest PSOBB Servers out there. Few of the clan members were lucky enough to experience the original Dreamcast feel by playing on that server as it was one of the few servers that supported Dreamcast. A handful of tSn players that played PSO has made their way back into the realms of Ragol.

Hanging out on the Ephinea PSOBB Server
Hanging out on the Ephinea PSOBB Server

Dj Knite X discovered various PSO BB servers but can never find that spark that the team once had. He played on Ultima and Schthack (reboot) but both servers have never been the same. He discovered Ephinea PSO BB which aims to be the closest to how the real servers worked. Better yet, no hackers or cheaters on it. Ephinea offers pretty much everything Sega PSO BB had, unlockable quests, events, and a working Team system. They added new features such as sandbox mode and voice chat. One of the greatest things to make its way to PSO BB is the option to have a custom HUD. While all the extras are optional, Team Sky Nite has  been playing PSO BB like it was their baby again.

Ephjnea Server is the new home to tSn.PSO!
Ephinea Server is the new home to tSn.PSO!

Dj Knite X was streaming and had 8 viewers which some of them were known in the PSO Community and even the Server Admin joined in on the fun. The team met new friends and have been slowly bringing back the clan to play the game they once grew up on. Come join us on the Ephinea Server @ We hope to see you guys there. Below is a video of what we were doing and be expect to see more! Also join the live streams @ and

Welcome back Team Sky Nite.
Welcome back Team Sky Nite.

Team Streaming!

We are now setting up a schedule (head over to the forums and find out the events) where we will stream and have fun playing random games. Most of us already are playing CSGO as well as Insurgency and random games we can find. GTA V is on sale on Steam and most of us has already have it. If you guys have a copy, come over to the forums, introduce yourself, and lets play some games 😀