New Website coming soon.

New tSn Roster. New tSn Website. New Guilds. New Tournaments. Coming Soon. March 2015.

Hearthstone Hero League – HHL
Upcoming Brood War Cups


tSn.TCG to be reborn!

tSn.TCG first started as a Hearthstone and Pokemon TCG team that eventually dropped Pokemon TCG and focused more towards Hearthstone with a group of international players. After the first initial wave of tournaments and the Sky Nite Hero Cup, the 2015 Pokemon TCG season started as well as the new releases and the Magic 2015, tSn decided to get back into the TCG world and start playing competitively.

With the help of some local legends, tSn.TCG is to be reborn with teams playing Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon TCG.

Brood War Updates

Since the falling of tSn.Starcraft, Dj Knite X went and became Team Manager of SeT) a newly organized brood war team who hosts several notable players including leader, Belladona, and newly added notable bw player, Sziky. Dj Knite X will continue his eSports career in Starcraft being a player and a caster.

Team Sky Nite will host a BW cup powered by XAYSANASY’

Some updates & Runescape Clan

Some games that we have been actively playing are, Planetside 2, Runescape, and Neverwinter.

Planetside 2: US East, Emerald, Representing Terran

Runescape: We are usually active on World 38

Neverwinter: We have began playing Neverwinter and we are looking for more people to hang out with us!

We started the Runescape Clan as one of the first games we started as tSn (Before: Superior Chaos Knights) alongside Phantasy Star Online (Still one of our favorite games) Hope you guys will join us! World 38! Message DjKniteX!

Our new forums are now located at our parent company @