Starbound Server!

We currently do have a starbound server up that’s public that you guys are welcome to play on!

Server IP:

See you guys in Starbound!




tSn Discord Server!


We officially got ourselves a voice server where we can meet with other players for gaming and for challenging our opponents for the future Sky Nite Online Tours. This will make everything easier as this is a free APP that is supposed to be better than Mumble/Ventrillo and its free! Download or even use it in the browser 😀

You can visit our server and hang out with us over @

Tournaments to be announced soon!

We are planning on hosting 2 tournaments, 1 for Street Fighter V and 1 for Starcraft: Brood War. The dates are TBD but we are planning for it to be in mid March.

This will be our first SFV tournament we are hosting and our 2nd Brood War tournament! Both will have a $50 prizepool, open to all, and will be live streamed and documented online.

For all you guys playing the above games, it’s time to get to training!



Street Fighter V has been released!


Are you guys ready to get into the fight? Despite server launch problems and missing key features. The fighting game has a lot of potential with tons of local tournaments already being held. Team Sky Nite is pondering to get into the FGC and maybe compete. This will be the first time tSn will have members compete in a fighting game other than casually having fun on Super Smash Bros.

Go ahead and grab yourself a copy and find out more at

New Forums

Visit our new forums @ !

We are still currently working on it and hopefully able to bring out the full potential!

We were able to keep our TCG division as that’s the only Team that’s been going strong!

But watch out, maybe a new division will be coming soon!


tSn.TCG to be reborn!

tSn.TCG first started as a Hearthstone and Pokemon TCG team that eventually dropped Pokemon TCG and focused more towards Hearthstone with a group of international players. After the first initial wave of tournaments and the Sky Nite Hero Cup, the 2015 Pokemon TCG season started as well as the new releases and the Magic 2015, tSn decided to get back into the TCG world and start playing competitively.

With the help of some local legends, tSn.TCG is to be reborn with teams playing Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon TCG.